Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Test Success

A short while ago, Anna from Noodlehead asked if I and some others would be willing to test a pattern for her before she made it available for purchase.

I had put myself on her pattern tester list a while ago, hoping one day to be chosen as a tester.  And surprise, I was this time!
I was just a little excited as I love pattern testing.  It gets me to make things that sometimes I would otherwise never make.  It also gets the English nerd in me excited, because pattern testing is like editing, but in sewing!  

The pattern is for a envelope style clutch.  There are a lot of options with this pattern - pointed flap or squared, wrist strap or not, large or small, zipper pocket or not.  I love when patterns have options because then you can really make it your own.

**I am currently on a holiday in Holland visiting my in-laws, so I did not have all kinds of fabrics to pick from.  Nor did I have my own machine to work with or all the hardware to make the pouch. So forgive the lack of hardware and the odd mistake. **

I chose to make a small clutch with the squared flap.  

I used some lightweight denim for the exterior and also for one side of the interior.  And instead of using canvas for sturdiness as suggested in the pattern, I used regular weight denim.  I think this may have made some seams a little bulkier, but in the end, it worked good.

I also had to piece the denim side of my interior because I was using scraps and the piece I had was not wide enough.  I think it looks okay and that you could even do it with printed fabrics, mix and matching to make a scrappy interior as well.

I normally don't work with batik, but even that I think looks pretty good!

The zipper pocket is perfect size for my phone and even a few other small things.  And a magnetic snap - always a good choice.

There are card slot pockets under the zipper pocket perfect for holding bank cards and some cash without having to take along a separate wallet.

I love the inside!  Surprisingly lots of room for something so small, and I love pockets.

The small size clutch measures about 9 1/2" wide and 5 1/2' top to bottom.