Monday, June 24, 2013

it's summer here

We've been having some gorgeous weather lately and I've been getting my hands dirty in the garden, mowing the lawn, sitting outside with D while she plays in her pool. Today she was running under the sprinkler with an umbrella.  We also recently got a buggy board for the stroller and we're back to walking again.  D is 3 and not fond of long walks.  I'm 30 and I am fond of long walks.  The solution was the buggy board.  Now D can stand and roll along with K and the stroller while I push all that weight and walk to my hearts content.

I've also had a few dress orders come through, so between all the summer fun, I've still been playing with fabric.

And I'm still sewing for the two bees I'm in.  This block I just finished today.

I sure hope I never have to make a block like that again.  It looks neat, but it took me forever to make and it took more thinking on my part than I think it should have.

I also made another block for the hexy bee, but I totally forgot to take a picture of it.

This is my Simply Solids reward.  
I got all the members to make a large triangle from small triangles.  They each got a random bunch of colours and had to randomly piece them together.  
By the end of it, one member seems to have disappeared and so no block from her.

I came with a solution to fill the hole though.  First I was going to just use a single solid, but after playing around a bit, I went with three colours in each other.

I love how this turned out. 

Right now it's between lap and twin size.  Now I'm debating adding a border or not.  If I do, I will probably do a solid... Dark gray maybe.