Saturday, October 26, 2013

blocks and plans

I have been on the wait list for a Canadian branch of do.Good Stitches for a little while and a spot opened up for me in the Happiness group at the beginning of October.  I'm looking forward to making these some blocks every month as I'm always looking to make something but don't really need anything.  
The October quilter asked us to make Crown of Thorn blocks in blue and yellow and low volume for the quilt she is putting together.  

It's a paper pieced block, but was pretty simple to put together. I love how it looks too.  Might have to keep it in mind for myself one day.

I've been slowing down with dress making and I'm not doing any shows this fall/winter.  I've decided that I'd rather do the odd custom request instead and focus more on quilting .  
This dress was a custom request for a customer who needed a dress for an upcoming family photo shoot.  She had three dress pictures and wanted something from each of them put together just like this. 

Can't wait to see some pictures from the photo shoot.  It's always so rewarding to see things I've made being used.

I'm also hosting another round of the F8 Swap Canadian Edition.  This time we're swapping modern novelties.  I love so many of these novelty fabrics that are coming out or have been around, but I really don't need a whole bunch of each piece as I usually fussy cut and only use bits, so a F8 is the prefect size.  
I'm adding Sarah Jane's Children at Play Balloons to the swap.  

So far we also have a bit of Madrona Road and some Riley Blake houses.  There are still a couple spots open if you're wanting to swap.  I'm also thinking of opening the group up to whomever wants to swap, not just Canadians... So long as it doesn't get too big.

I also have some plans to make a quilt for my baby.  She'll be one in December (eep!) and she's been sleeping under a too small blanket.  It was fine when she was smaller, but she's a pork chop and doesn't fit nicely under the blanket anymore.
These are the colours I have in mind, using Full Moon Lagoon as the main inspiration and adding some navy to it rather than orange or white as is found in the panel. 

I'm not 100% sure of a design yet, but I have some time.  I'm sure something will come to me, right?  Maybe you could suggest something?  I'm not a fan of a quilt that is symmetrically blocks, but rather more of a 'whole picture' type of design. I guess that's why I'm having trouble finding something I really want to do yet.

Friday, October 4, 2013

back to relative normalness

Phew! My little sister is now married and I feel like I can focus on other sewing projects now. 
I had made the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dress for her wedding and it seemed to me that as long as the wedding was still coming, I should be doing something with them!  That wasn't really true, just how it felt.  I don't have a great picture of the bridesmaid dresses as they looked kinda bad on the hanger, but I do have an almost final picture of the flower girl dress.  

In the end, I took off the blue tails from the flower as I thought it made it look like a fair ribbon, and I added a gemstone to the centre of the flower.  I'm horrible for remembering to take photos, so I don't have any of D wearing the dress.  

After the wedding on Saturday, I whipped out three bee blocks, two of which I forgot to take photos of before mailing them off, and a 241 Tote for the Secret Tote Swap.

241 Tote finished just on time!

the one block I did have time to take a photo of

I also received this Super Tote and Open Wide Pouches from Little Island Quilting as part of the Sew Sew Modern Swap.

Feels good to be able to sewing again!