Thursday, August 29, 2013

received and made

I joined the first edition of Sweet & Scrappy Swap on Flickr where we had to swap 50 charms plus a handmade pouch and a few notions.  This was what I received from Jera - I love all the charms and have already started playing with some.

The pouch is also great because it stands all on it's own!  

I also finished a swap item to be sent sometime in September.  My partner in the Sew Sew Modern swap asked for a bag, and I've always loved Anna's bag patterns, so I treated myself and my partner to the 241 Tote.  
I did want to make it extra special though by doing something more than just using a single piece of fabric for the front and back centre panels.  So I pulled out my paper pieces and came up with this.

After I pieced the whole works together (wrong I might add - you'll see later), I was not so impressed with how the stars looked.  There was a gray hexy in the centre and not a star as I had hoped.  Plus I only managed to get three on for the most part because the way I pieced them together put more space between the stars.
So I tried again and pieced this together.

This was definitely centred, but I couldn't not use the other panel!  It had taken me a while to get together, so I just used both.  I'm sure my partner won't mind : )

I went with the pink glasses and an Architextures print for the sides and some Madrona Road for the strap.  

I love how this turned out!  I kinda want to keep it, but I guess that's the point of making a good swap item - it's usually something you want to keep yourself.

Friday, August 16, 2013

looking back

Summer has been good to us.  We've spent a lot of time outside taking walks, having water fights, camping, and this morning, going to the parade and catching candy!
I've also been busy with my small garden, weeding and picking a bit here and there.  We built a small playhouse and slide fort for D and then I painted it red with white trim.  We go for a weekly coffee visit to a friends house - D loves playing with the other kids there and since we live far away from her friends, it's nice for her to have the visit day once a week too.  I'm going to miss summer when it's gone.  But that's always how it goes. 

This school year, I'll also be going back to my old job on a very part time basis.  I used to teach before D was born and they've asked me to come back to help out for one class with a total teaching time of 3 hours in a 5 day cycle.  That means I'm also busy getting ready for that as well.  I'll be teaching Social Studies (Canadian History) to a group of about 15 grade 7 kids.  
And somehow, in the middle of all this, I'm finding time to sew.  Well, I have to find time to sew as I am making 2 bridesmaid dresses, a flower girl dress and a matching ring bearer tie for my little sister's wedding in September.

I've almost finished up the flower girl dress.  I just have to add buttons to the back and a teal ribbon with a bow at the waist.

I hemmed 4 circles for this dress. Definitely a labour of love, but it's so cute on that it was also worth it.
The bridesmaid dresses are about 1/2 way.  They are a two part dress, a slip dress with an over dress. The over dress is sewn from lace - any tips on hemming lace?  

I also had a few orders for sunsuits.  I have to admit that though I probably wouldn't put my baby in one (I'm just too practical for that), they are just the cutest!

Soft pink with gray and blue ruffles - for a 1st birthday photo shoot.
Black chevron with hot pink.

And I've still been swapping.  I just can't help it.

This generous swap package is from Laurel and was part of the Fat Quarter Blender Swap.  We are supposed to send 4 fat quarters that are tone on tone or white and tone, but as you can see, Laurel was so generous she included this gorgeous pouch (I love the colours!) and tags and paper and a pen. 

This paper pieced bit is for the Sew Sew Modern swap.  I'm sewing up a 241 Tote (I've wanted that pattern for a while and finally got it) for my partner, but instead of making a plain bag, I'm hoping to make it amazing by having fancy front and back panels.  Cross my fingers this will work as I imagine!

And, yes, there's still more!  I am also keeping up with my bees. 

August Get Your Hex On block
August Simply Solids block
I'm sure when I'm more 'house-bound' because of cooler weather, I'll become a bit of a more regular blogger again.  But for now, it's still sunny.