Saturday, December 28, 2013

moving along

Hey look! I did manage to get a photo of my girls wearing their coordinating outfits. K in her new dress and D in her ruffly skirt. 

The dress fit perfectly and she managed of course to get chocolate on it while nomming on her cupcake.  

I also printed off all the paper piecing papers for the Feather QAL.  

That is one large stack of papers!  I am upsizing the quilt size to a queen without upsizing the feather pattern.  I'm adding on to the bottom and side of the original quilt size to make a quilt that should end up finishing at 88"x100".

These are the final colours I'm going with.  I originally had yellow in as well, but it got lost in translation - aka I didn't have a space for it when I coloured in my block map.  But I'm fine with that as I wasn't so sure about the yellows anyway.  
Can't wait to start!  

Actually, can't wait to be done!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

a birthday dress

My baby turned 1 today. 

She is such a character - so different from her sister.  K is loud, moody, pushy, and a go-getter whereas D was soft, quiet, 'emotionless' (so some said, but I knew better), and calm.  It is so much fun to have two such different characters running/crawling around my house.

For her birthday, I made K a sweet little dress.

The dress is an Ottobre pattern and I'm so proud of how professional it came out.  My invisible zipper really is invisible!  And the piping lined up perfectly to boot.

The bubble is prefect and the dress is completely lined so there are no exposed seams. 

I made D a coordinating skirt from another print from this line.  I don't know what line it is, but I know I bought them together to match.  I always thought coordinating but not matchy was cute for sisters and this is the first time I'm doing it for my girls.
Will definitely need a picture of that.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

falling in

I've recently made my baby girl a winter coat for church. Silly, eh, to make a coat specifically for Sunday.  We go to church twice on a Sunday and since we were kids, we always had a neat coat for church.  And I suppose I just can't shake the habit.  I have a 'neat' coat, and so does my husband.  Just fitting the baby had to have one too ;)

The pattern is from the 6/2012 issue of Ottobre.  I made a size 80 (the size K wears now) and it's a bit big. 

I'm particularly impressed that I remembered to add satin in the sleeves so her clothes don't ride up to her armpits. It wasn't in the pattern, and that is the only change I made besides leaving off the ribbon at the waist.

I didn't have any velvet ribbon to put at the waist and now I regret finishing it off before ordering ribbon (aka waiting two weeks for velvet ribbon from the States).  Oh well, it's still so cute on her since K has such chubby cheeks and the coat is a little bubble.

I've also decided to participate in the Feathers QAL over at The ADD Crafter.  This quilt will be for our bed!  I had started one for our bed before, but my husband thought there was too much pink.  What!?  Not manly enough?!  
Anyway, so this quilt will be jewel tone scrappy with black Andover Chambray for the background.  Now I just have to decide what range of colours to include.  

The top row is all the bits minus orange, the second row has some orange pieces included, and the bottom is basically the top pared down.  I think either the top or middle one appeals most to me.  Then the quesiton is how to put them together!  Just pick totally random, or make some order out of it.  Put like colours together, or just mix them all up.  Planning always takes me forever.

Last, and if you've come this far, it's Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day {Week} hosted by Sew Mama Sew.  Last year I didn't participate, and this year I waffled, thus the late jumping in on the game.  I'm always wondering who comes by to enter giveaways - just people looking for freebies and they enter every giveaway they find, or people who really read blogs and enter only ones that they would find useful for themselves.  
I think I fall in the second group.  I am a blog reader when I have time, but I'm not much of a commenter.  I'm the silent stalker.  I also don't enter every giveaway open, but enter only ones that would be useful to me or someone I know.  

In any case, enough yapping, you want to know what I'm giving away!  I have two prizes, and I'm following Kristel's idea of giving one out randomly and one out to a specifically international/Canadian entrant.  

Here are the two prizes:

1. A pack of 42 5"charms chosen from my stash - they may or may not include these.

2. a 6" charm pack of Essentials 

To enter leave a comment telling me what kind of sewing machine you have.  I recently bought a Janome 2030QDC second hand.  The lady I bought it from only used it for the class and to make one shirt, so really, it was new.  Before that I had a Brother I had bought from Walmart - yeah, classy.  The only thing that machine lacked was throat space.
What do you sew on?

{Please also let me know if you are a US entrant or international/Canadian.} 

Giveaway ends Dec. 13 8pm MST. 
Winner will be announced as soon as Little D is in bed :) 

Winners have been contacted and have responded, so now I'm announcing them.
#52 Kellie Marie
#114 DeborahGun