Saturday, December 28, 2013

moving along

Hey look! I did manage to get a photo of my girls wearing their coordinating outfits. K in her new dress and D in her ruffly skirt. 

The dress fit perfectly and she managed of course to get chocolate on it while nomming on her cupcake.  

I also printed off all the paper piecing papers for the Feather QAL.  

That is one large stack of papers!  I am upsizing the quilt size to a queen without upsizing the feather pattern.  I'm adding on to the bottom and side of the original quilt size to make a quilt that should end up finishing at 88"x100".

These are the final colours I'm going with.  I originally had yellow in as well, but it got lost in translation - aka I didn't have a space for it when I coloured in my block map.  But I'm fine with that as I wasn't so sure about the yellows anyway.  
Can't wait to start!  

Actually, can't wait to be done!


  1. cute girls :-) And love your fabric pull for your feathers quilt.

  2. Love your colors! The orange contrasts so well with the ccoler colors.

  3. Beautiful girls! Your feather quilt is going to be gorgeous.

  4. Aw look at the little cuties :D

    The fabrics are gorgeous - it's bound to be an amazing looking quilt.