Thursday, May 31, 2012

Um, Hello?

Wow, that was a long and unplanned absence!

Let me explain.

In the middle of April, we found out that we are pregnant (yay!).  However, pregnancy and I do not get along very well and I become a nauseous, pukey, irritable, sleepy, and rather useless person.  And it's not just morning sickness, it's 24/7 sickness.  My last pregnancy, I felt nauseous up till the last 2 months, but so far this one is going a little better.  I am taking Diclectin to keep the nausea at bay, but unfortunately it makes me very sleepy.  So nothing is really getting done around here.  My dear hubby is pitching in with housework and my little girl is watching a lot of Franklin and Shaun the Sheep.


Remember this little girl?

I surronded her with Kona coal and some Pez triangles.  

And then I finished her off with coal coloured binding with a slash of pezzy.

This is only the second mini quilt I have made, so I am a little proud of it.  I wanted the focus to be on the paper pieced girl, and I think I accomplished that. 

This mini is on it's way to my swap partner.  Hopefully she receives it this week and I really hope she loves it too.

p.s.  My paper pieced girl was featured over on Sew Mama Sew today! 
Check it out here!