Wednesday, November 20, 2013

add more to the list

If you've come here from the Blogathon Canada hosted by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop, welcome to my blog!  I'm not always very regular here, but I do post sporadically.  I'm more active on Flickr as that seems to be more mom friendly.  It's easier to post a picture with a couple words than it is to write up a post when you have two little ones around.  If you're on Flickr, my name there is Principiessa.  (I chose that name because my husband, who is Dutch, claims to know some Italian and this is the word he, ahem, knows.)

I have a bunch of WIP's going on now and I want to show that I am actually working on them!  Some are over a year old, but I'm slowly chipping away at them.  

I'm still busy with my Hexy MF.  I'm not pregnant anymore (phew) so it's much easier to sew on this one.  I have only to attach 4 more flower to the stems and I'm ready to quilt, or sent it off to the quilter.  

I'm finishing the binding on my Stack n' Whack quilt.  Only two sides left to bind and I keep thinking to myself - Just get it done already!  

My Simply Solids Triangles Quilt is still a top, and I still haven't decided on a border or not.

To add to the pile, my Get Your Hex on bee blocks are almost all here and they will need a plan too!

it's so hard to take a good photo when winter is here.
This project is smaller and has to get done sooner as it's due to be sent in January.  I've become a mild swap addict and this bit of piecing is going to become a doll quilt for round 14 of the Doll Quilt Swap.

I've fallen in love with this block, and I'm not even sure what to call it!  Is it square in a square, or fussy cut squares.  If someone could help me out to find the real name, that would be great.

Anyway, I've gone with Moda Cheddar and Kona Slate for the surrounding squares and bits of Heather Ross for the fussy cuts.  I'm thinking of backing it on magentas to match the centre mermaid square and than bordering the whole mini with some low volume fabrics.

everything is a bit too bright in this photo...
I'm so on the ball with this project.  I can't send until January and I'm ready to get the whole thing done now.  I hope I'm not doubting myself by the time it's time to send.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

still around, just not here

I don't know how you ladies with jobs, kids, and a sewing hobby find the time to blog regularly.  I find I hardly have the time to blog and so it gets ignored.

I do find time to sew though!  I miss it when I don't have a chance to get behind the machine.  Over the last bit I've made 4 blocks - 2 for a bee and 2 for do. Good Stitches.

I joined the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee for a round and chose to make Icky Thump from 627 Handworks.
This is my 'test' block made in the colours I requested - navy, magenta, and light yellow with low volume background.

This block is for Linnea in the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee.

I also finished up these two blocks for do. Good Stitches.

Amid all my sewing, I also received some sewn gifts.  I received a large tote bag from Jennifer as part of the Secret Tote Bag Swap.  I am in love with this front pocket panel and I want to simply hang it on my wall.

Then I received this gorgeous needlebook and F8's from Leila in the Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap.

Last, I made two bags, one for pattern testing and another as a special order.

This is the Penelope Purse, a pattern by Clover and Violet.  Jennie put out a call for pattern testers on Facebook and I responded to help her out.  This is such a cute pattern, and I love the top zipper panel.  I don't have many pictures of it as my daughter took off with it almost immediately and filled with with her 'stuff'.

I used denim for the bottom and the strap and a fat quarter bundle of Paper Dolls by Studio E Fabrics I had been saving to make something for D. I also did my first bit of 'real' free motion quilting on the top of the bag - pebbles.  It worked out not too bad either!  Not that I'm confident enough to try it on a quilt or anything.  That seems like a lot of work, but then maybe my pebbles have to be bigger.

I just finished up this bag yesterday for a customer who wanted a wet/dry bag just like the one I'd made for her friend.

It has a 'dry' front pocket and a large 'wet' pocket that's lined with PUL fabric.  It's quite a big bag and holds 8 cloth diapers. 

Tomorrow I'm having a sew day with a friend - and truthfully, I'm not sure what to sew!  I'm waiting on fabric to make Sunday coats for my girls, so if that comes first thing in the morning, I've got my day set out, but if not, I might have to make up a project.