Friday, October 4, 2013

back to relative normalness

Phew! My little sister is now married and I feel like I can focus on other sewing projects now. 
I had made the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dress for her wedding and it seemed to me that as long as the wedding was still coming, I should be doing something with them!  That wasn't really true, just how it felt.  I don't have a great picture of the bridesmaid dresses as they looked kinda bad on the hanger, but I do have an almost final picture of the flower girl dress.  

In the end, I took off the blue tails from the flower as I thought it made it look like a fair ribbon, and I added a gemstone to the centre of the flower.  I'm horrible for remembering to take photos, so I don't have any of D wearing the dress.  

After the wedding on Saturday, I whipped out three bee blocks, two of which I forgot to take photos of before mailing them off, and a 241 Tote for the Secret Tote Swap.

241 Tote finished just on time!

the one block I did have time to take a photo of

I also received this Super Tote and Open Wide Pouches from Little Island Quilting as part of the Sew Sew Modern Swap.

Feels good to be able to sewing again!

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  1. Such a beautiful dress, Deanna! Hopefully the photography got some shots of her wearing it at the wedding.