Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Quiet Book

Hello and happy weekend!

If you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen this photo, but sharing here again as it is a first for me and I am a little proud of it, even though it is not perfect.  

My first ever button up shirt!  

Thus far it is a prototype and so I left it plain, but I think I may do some raw edge applique or some stamping or painting.  

What kinds of things do you put on boys shirts?  Cars?  Animals?  I don't know quite yet what my plan is, so suggestions are welcome.

I am also working on a quiet book for D.  I started this book last winter and now I am working on it again because we are going on a vacation that involves a long plane ride and this is something that will keep her busy for a little while.  

I made this page after seeing it done here.

These are the first pages I made, and I still have to make some letters to mail.

I also made three of these last winter, and just did the zipper page yesterday.  I want to add some button on flowers to the zipper page yet.  Should have shown it better, but are three finger puppets, a cow, a pig and a chicken.

I am debating putting quilt batting between the pages to give structure, but it sure makes the book thick.  Maybe something else?  We'll see.  I read some other sites about quiet books and they have put nothing between the pages and it seems to have been sturdy enough.  

I hope to do another few pages and then be done with it finally.  A book like this is definitely a labour of love, that's for sure.

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  1. Where are youse going then???????
    Do like the quiet book.