Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm a Keener!

So yesterday I posted this project as a W.I.P and now I am nearing completion! 

I seem to always do that.  Start something and then really go at it till it is done without doing much else in between.  

Oh, well, here is the update on my solids swap item.

Front of mini quilt.

Back of mini quilt.
Now I have to get on to the business of quilting and binding.
I have never ever made a mini quilt before and I have very limited experience in quilting techniques, so this will be simple straight line quilting.  The binding I will most likely do by machine and hand to keep it neat since I am terrible at machine binding.  

Any tips on quilting?  Lots of pins?  I'm just a little nervous!


  1. make sure you baste it well so that the layers do not time you make a quilt, call me over or come here and we can quilt together! :)

  2. I use pins as I will probably make a huge mess with basting spray. Check out the tutorial on Oh Fransson blog, I find it really detailed and helpful.

  3. How could I forget to say how STUNNING this is!!!!!

  4. wow! This is really eye catching!!! Came over from nap time crafters.