Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Pink Pillow

On Wednesday, I posted my W.i.P - the chevron pillow. It is done now!

Am I quick or what?!  Yeah, um... Let's move on.

I wanted to make the pillow top a little heavier than just cotton, and I wanted to cover up all the seams on the back from piecing, so I quilted on a piece of batting.  Simple straight lines following the gray stripes.

Turned out kind of pretty, I think.  I chose to have the topstitching in pink to tie the pink fabrics and the gray together.

Then I decided to try something new (again) and add binding to the pillow rather than just do the sew and turn method.  (Is that even what you call it?  I'm going with it.)


I wasn't sure about the binding though once I had it basted on. It seemed to make things a little too pink.  Then I went through the work of handstitching the binding on so there are no sewing marks at all on the binding.  
Wow!  So many new things for me!  

I think it turned out nice.  Still not 100% on the binding colour.  It's not as 'hot pink' as it looks in the picture.  I think it's growing on me.

Moving on to the outdoors... We had a bit of chilly day here.  I have ice on my front window.  This is the most ice I have had on it yet this winter.  

I'm hoping for a new window next year.


  1. You pillow turned out wonderfully. I think that pink fabric with the circles is one of my favourites.

  2. I think the pink binding finishes it off nicely and your topstitching is so neat and even!!! The chevron design looks striking on your pillow. Great job!!!