Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Done

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I went from W.I.P. to finished all in one day!  Yay me!
Well, not all the way finished because I simply don't have the right kind of button to finish off the bag.  I was thinking a big wooden button, but I don't have any big enough. 

What do you think?  Big wooden button?  Big white button?  
I am always so indecisive about these things.  

Today was also a good day to check my mail.  I not only got a card from my in-laws today, but I also got the ALFALC swap all the way from Tasmania!  And it was well worth the wait.  
Check it out!

A little can of Milo, 4 beautiful bits of fabric, a super cute card, vintage buttons (oh, how I love buttons) and fudge!  

I had mentioned to my swap partner that I had lived in Australia for 6 months when I was 19 and that I used to have Milo every night, but we don't have it here.  (Though I did once find it in Walmart.)  And being such a sweetie, she packed up a little can for me!  I remember my cousins always had it on top of cold milk and they would eat the crunchy powder before it could dissolve.  I liked it that way too.  But I was cold today, so I mixed it in with warm milk and, mmmmmm, I guzzled it down.  I probably should have just drank it nicely and enjoyed it, but I was too excited.  

Yeah, I'm a little nerdy that way.  But I am not alone in my nerdy state, and by my age, I don't really care what people think of me anyway.

And for one last shot... the fabric closeup.  A little fuzzy, but oh so scrumptious!


  1. I love milo too...bit of a staple item in an Australian pantry.

  2. Lucky you, that is a fabulous mail day.

    What is milo?

    I'd go for a large white button just to pull out the white in the fabric.