Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I posted about the Wasp Bag I made a few days ago. It wasn't quite done as I needed to get a big button.

I couldn't find any that were big enough.
Yes, I was looking for huge.

Since I couldn't find one I thought would work, I resorted to a gigantic fabric covered button.

I think it looks pretty good!  I don't even mind that there are no threaded holes on the front.  I kinda thought the threaded hole look would look better than a clean and flat button. 

I'm quite happy with it.  And so is my friend.

I also made another bag last week.  It was a pretty simple bag and came together in probably about two hours - if I had worked steady on it that is.  Kids don't let you work steady on anything.

It is the Phoebe Bag from Rebeka Lambert.  Simple.  Clean.  And cute.

I scored some white linen at the thrift store and thought it was perfect for this bag.  However, it was too white so I tea dyed it tan colour.  The dying process was not uniform, but I think that adds to the character of self dyed fabric.  

The striped fabric is a Henry Glass print and a solid that simply just matched.

One lone pocket on the inside for keys and a phone, or pens and paper, or if you're like me,candies and chocolate balls 

Really, I don't carry those items for me.  They're for the princess who always asks for mooy aka more. 


  1. Both of your bags turned out wonderfully. I like what you ended up choosing for the big button; it really adds that finishing touch.

  2. The covered button suits the Wasp Bag.... a great bag. I have never heard of tea dying fabric. What a fabulous idea!!! Love the shape and colours of the Phoebe Bag...