Tuesday, July 31, 2012

slow summer...

It's been a warm summer in Alberta. Also one of the most thundery and stormy ones I can remember having in a long time.  Last night a big tree blew over in my neighbours yard and it smashed her car!  Crazy weather.

I haven't been up to too much lately either sewing wise.

July was a busy month for us.  
We went camping for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.  Little D and I went to the zoo with my mom and my sisters and their kids.  We went swimming at the pool, and there was a thunder storm that put the power out, so we had to leave.  And D and I have been keeping up our almost weekly visits with the sisters and my mom at my sisters house.  Yesterday my oldest sister came to our house with her three kids and when it was time to go, my 5yo niece says to her mom, "We going home now to having a boring afternoon?"  Summer is just so much fun for kids.

I haven't forgotten though that I have a tradeshow coming up in October, so I've been trying out some new patterns and ordering some fall/winter fabrics.  

One of the dresses I am going to be making for the show is Amanda's Dress from Lily Bird Studio.
I saw the dress pattern and thought it would be a pretty fall/winter style with the full skirt and puffed sleeves. I have one made already for my 7yo niece, mostly for me to try out the pattern and work out how I want to make it.

It was pretty easy to put together and turned out well.

My niece's favourite colour is pink (can you tell?), and she picked the fabric.

She tried it on for me yesterday and the only change I have to make is to lower the sash a bit.  It seemed a little too high and then it fell at the back when she wore it.  

Now I have to make one for her little sister, and instead of bias tape, I think I'm going to try piping. 


  1. Adorable dress! She'll love it. Sounds like it has been a busy summer for you. You make such beautiful dresses, really. Lucky girls! Hope you get some time to relax in all that fun too!

  2. The dress so cute! Glad to hear you're making the most of the summer despite some weather mishaps! =D

  3. That is a CUTE dress,Deanna!!!!!!!

  4. Another beautiful dress. I love Lily Bird Studio patterns, so I must get this one.