Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i'm going to melt

It is so hot!  I thought it was hot enough before, but this is really hot.  I really don't know what to do with myself or where to be in order to stay cool.  Since Monday we have had over 30degree temps (for the Fahrenheit people, that is well over 80degrees), and with the humidity it feels like 40!  We don't have a/c, and usually we wouldn't need it, but I sure loved getting groceries this week just to walk in to the bliss of a/c.

Since I don't know what to do with myself, I've been basting hexies.  I have three and a half fabrics done and basted.  I love these colours.

The Cheddar for the centres came in today, so now I have all the fabrics and can even start making flowers if the mood hits me.  These hexies are actually bigger than I thought they would be.  I am used to working with 1" sides and these are 1.5" sides which is kinda nice because you get a bigger flower.   That means less flower making to cover the same area  : ) 

 In this heat, I also spent some time distracted in front of the computer.  I mean, really, it's too hot to go and mow the lawn or water the garden, or anything like that, so I may as well waste some time on Pinterest and Etsy.  

I found these lovelies.

I never used to have a thing for bikes.  Then I met my husband.  He is big into road biking and he rather sucked me into the hype of Tour riding too.  Before we met, he had bought himself a road bike here and went biking a bit.  Then after we met, I bought a second hand road bike and we went together.  

An old pic on an old camera, so excuse the quality.
I always liked the flat roads while he likes hills. Luckily we both like bike paths that meander and go up and down.
I really like biking now and I watch all the Grand Tours with him and even have my favourites in the races. 
Unfortunately, this year my favourite go knocked out of the Tour de France early because of a crash.  
Next year Ryder!


In the last year I have been slowly collecting bike fabrics too.  They are not so popular and most of the good ones are on Spoonflower, but I really can't bring myself to spend such a large amount of money on one FQ.


So I guess, until I stop being so cheap, or I run into some money, all these lovely bike fabrics will have to wait for me. 

At least the looking is free!

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  1. I love bike prints they are so gorgeous...It is a wonder to me why I love them so much and I don't even own a bike! =D