Friday, July 6, 2012

it came!

First off, I have to post this picture of my sweetie happy with her new towel.

I tried it on her the next morning hoping I had made the hole big enough for her head to fit through.  It did.  She was excited to wear it for a while.  But then it started to get in the way of her play, so it had to come off.

Yesterday and today the mailman was good to me.  
The fabrics and papers I ordered for Hexie MF came!  All except the yellow colour for the centres, but that's okay because at least I can get started on this.

I absolutely love these all together and I cannot wait to start putting it all together.
The gray colour is perfect!

Of course, I couldn't wait and as soon as the first few fabrics and the papers came, I was cutting and basting.  
I had never basted the paper to the fabric before with glue, and I must say, why didn't I find this out earlier!  It makes it so much easier because the fabric is not moving around on the paper.  I never liked using a pin because that always bent things up a bit, but this glue idea - brilliant.

Because I am in Canada, shipping can be quite pricey to get fabric.  Most Etsy sellers charge $12.95 CAN for 3.25 to 8 yards.  One seller had most of what I needed for the QAL, so I ended up ordering extra to fill up the parcel to 8 yards.  That way at least, my shipping was worth it.

That's where these beauties come from.

I asked Cheryl of on the grain fabrics to add to my order of 1/2 yards a rainbow potluck of 16 FQs.  Colour is always handy around here.  She picked some great fabrics and included a great variety of colour.  
Thanks Cheryl!


  1. What a great fabric choice! I know what you mean on the shipping! I live over in the UK and always try to get my money's worth of fabric to make up for the shipping cost =D

  2. Hey D

    I love your fabrics. Can't wait to see your Hexy quilt grow! I have the same problem with shipping - to Australia it's $16.95 for the 8 yard satchel. I also try to get my money's worth but sometimes I don't need the extras that I'm ordering and I don't have a lot of storage for my stash (even with postage it still comes in at almost half the cost of buying locally). I also find it frustrating when I have trouble getting all the fabrics I need from one shop.