Friday, October 28, 2011

To Market to Market

I am taking another plunge.

Yeah, I'm pretty daring over here.  No, really I am.  I am not one to take risks and plunges and those sorts of things.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now.

In February, I started and Etsy shop with my sister.  We were, or I was, discovering at that time what I really liked to sew and so I made a bunch of different things.  I didn't do much to promote the shop... we had a Facebook page and that was pretty much it.  We did make a few sales, which I hear is pretty good for a first year Etsy shop.

But now, my sister is pregnant and is using all her leftover energy to take care of her house and two girlies, so she is in no mood to sew things.  Our shop is collecting dust,.

That means however, that now I get to take a new direction with my sewing.  I have discovered that I like making dresses.  But my little girl needs only so many cute dresses as during the week it is more practical for her to wear pants.  She only wears a dress on Sunday to church.

Trust me, she has an abundance of dresses.

So, I have decided to make dresses to sell.  My first real test of this new direction is coming in November as I go to a Craft and Trade Fair in Legal, Alberta.  It is local to me and bigger than my in-town farmer's market where mostly seniors go to buy eggs, baking, and produce.
The Fair is taking place on November 19, so I have to get my butt in gear over here.

I am a little nervous about making dresses to try sell... I mean, what if no one is interested?  What if they don't like the styles that I like and therefore make?  What if I don't sell not even one?!?!!

I guess we'll see.  And at this point, I will be happy to simply make my table fee back  :)  Though, it would also be nice to make the fabric costs back too so I can say to my hubby that I didn't lose money on this venture.

Here is the first Christmas dress I made to sell at the Fair.  It is a 0-3mos size and, in my humble opinion, stinking cute!

Little pleats! 

What do you think?  Am I going in the right direction here?  If you had a little girl, would you maybe look twice at this dress? 

I was busy making the second dress last night and thought I could get done before bed, but I have learned, even before this, that I should not cut or sew after 10pm.  My brain just goes in not-thinking mode. 
I ended up seam ripping this morning to say the least.

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  1. I do like the little dress it's very cute!! soo just keep going!!