Friday, October 7, 2011

Mail is a Wonderful Thing

So I got some nice mail this week!  First, from the last post I was writing about some swap groups I am part of.  I also took part in the 'A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate' swap on Flickr in September. I was paired up with a wonderful partner who chose to spoil me.  Just look at the package!

three fqs, one 1/2 yard of remix, all kinds of notions, and chocolate!

The other bit I got this week came from Nikki, over at The Girl Who Quilts. She had a giveaway a little bit ago for two magnetic pin bowls.  I love the bowls when I saw them and was quite happy when she emailed to let me know I won my choice of two! I chose the blue and white ones, and I already love them.

See, works like a charm!  And since I have two, I can have one by my sewing machine and one on my table so I don't have to go back and forth for pins.

I love getting mail like that.  In the internet age, it is not often we get nice mail.

Also this week, I made little D a fallish coat.  I say fallish because it is not suited to the rain we've been having lately, but it is nice and warm for the non-rainy fall days.
I used my beloved bike fabric for the outer and some leftover yellow minky for the inner.  Turns out I didn't have enough of the brown fleece to make the jacket even if I decided to use it.

I didn't really use a pattern - surprise surprise - but it turned out pretty good.  The arm holes are a little smaller than I would like, but that can't be helped now since I used up all of both fabrics.  Still fits.  That's all that matters at this point.
D trying on the hood before I finalized it.
I don't have a really good pic of it, sorry.  My model is quite impossible and I can't hang it against a flat surface because of the hood.  But you get the idea.

We like it.

Oh, and did you know that frosted rulers make for an excellent face mashing apparatus? 
Yup, discovery of the day over here.

 Edited to add: I got a small and fuzzy picture of my model strutting her stuff.  And she chose her own clothes this morning. :)

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