Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Mystery Solved

I am the proud mother of a nose blower.  Possibly even a nose blowing addict.  She blows her nose in kleenex, table cloths, wash cloths, dish cloths, hands, and even against dvd cases.  She blows her nose at least 5 times a day, though I limit her to one kleenex a day.  She points at the tissue box and blows.  She looks at me, scrunches her nose up and blows.  Always the nose scrunch.

Handy to have a nose blower at times.  That means boogers are no longer the hidden enemy.  Just give the kid a kleenex and she'll blow the nasty little sucker out.

Other times, it is not so handy to have a nose blower.  Specially one who thinks she has to blow her nose all the time.

Today began as such a day.  At breakfast, she blew her nose in her daily allotted kleenex.  She made the thing wet with spit (because when nothing comes out of her nose, she sticks her tongue out and makes the nose blowing sound, throwing spit across the table and into my coffee).

The day then continued as she kept 'blowing' her nose.

By lunch, I think she had scrunched and blown at least a dozen times.  And then I saw this:
And then this:
So, being the mother-sleuth that I am, I followed the obvious trail to the scene of the incident.

That's when I knew, the nose blower had taken her addiction to new heights!

No worries though.  I apprehended the suspect and she is now in custody, aka, her in crib having a nap with 'Munny'.

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