Saturday, June 9, 2012

some great mail

I did not get too much sewing or crafting of any kind done this week. 
I managed to make some progress on my hexie playmat. It is getting slowly bigger. I was making it using 'flowers' of hexies with a solid in the centre, but I think I have exhausted my solid collection, so now I am squaring the whole thing off.  So until I am satisfied that it is complete, I will be adding strips of hexies instead of flowers.  If anyone is interested in trading some 2.5"-3' squares for hexies, I am happy to oblige.

I did get some great sewing related mail this week.  First, I received my Modern She Made Swap package.  My partner was amazing with stalking me and finding just the things I like.  Honestly, when you open the card without looking at anything else in the box, and the card is perfect, you know the rest of the package is a winner.

My partner, Karen, made me this gorgeous cathedral windows mini quilt. What a lot of work went into this!  It really is absolutely beautiful I got completely spoiled.  She also included some lovely extras including some bike fabric from Spoonflower and a cute little sleeper for our baby who will join us in December, Lord willing.

Swaps like this really work to turn me into a swap addict.  

I had also won a Lotta Jansdotter scrap pack from Imagine Gnats for participating in the Covert Robin Swap, and that also arrived this week. 

Now I must admit, I am not as taken by Echo as others are, but when this came and I got to feel all the fabrics, I began to like the line a little more.  These fabrics are definitely quality fabrics and they feel so soft!  There is some quilting cotton, some linen-type, and a piece of corduroy fabric, and there is only one piece smaller than a charm. 

I love scraps.  And these ones are no exception.

And for one last question, how can I get rid of all these ants that have invaded my gardens?  I have a raised flower bed at the front and it is literally crawling with ants!  I have tried store bought ant bait, and homemade borax bait and they seem to survive it all.  
Any tips or advice? 


  1. As we're partners for the swap I'll swap with you? I have a load of 2.5" squares ready cut. (like over 100)
    The swaps are so much fun! I love joining and meeting new people.
    I love the echo prints!

    They have invaded our living room! We had to get some powder to throw down..hopefully it works.
    I've looked online, but most have said you can't actually get rid of them yourself without calling an exterminator. =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. There is one extra day to enter =D

  2. I had anthills on my yard....threw gas over them.....GONE!!!!!!!!

  3. i still haven't decided what to do with my bag of the lotta scraps ;) but they do feel lovely, don't they?