Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Swapping Out

It's swap time again! 
Well, I think swaps are kind of an ongoing thing, but for me it's swap time again!

And again, it's two more swaps that I haven't done before.  The first one is For The Love of Solids (FTLOS).  I watched from the side last time as all these gorgeous creations made only from solids popped up.  Usually I work with prints, so this will be a little different.  I am looking forward to finding out who my partner is and then stalking and scheming up the perfect swap.
Here is my mosaic for the swap.

I choose dark but bright solids along with a dark dark gray.  I love colours that are bright and deep rather than simply bright.  

I also asked for my partner to make me a sewing machine cover as I saw so many nice ones on Flickr and my machine stands naked on it's table.  Would be nice to cover it up and keep it looking like decor rather than industry.

The second swap is a new one called Mouthy Stitches.


This swap is for a zippy pouch - zippy, not snap or clasp or button or velcro - and a FQ of scraps.  It's called Mouthy Stitches because the swap mamas want us to participate in discussions and commenting.  It is a rule that we must comment!  I like that rule.  I have done some swaps and my partner hardly ever commented on anything and then you are left wondering what to go with.  Comments are good.

Here is my mosaic for the Mouthy swap.  Some are the same as my FTLOS mosaic, but that's cuz they are really really nice!  And if you love something, pick it.

I am looking forward to the scraps for this one as I am hoping for fussy cut scraps so I can make hexies from them.  

I am collecting 1inch hexies to make a play mat type dealie for my girl.  I want every hexie to have something meaningful on it, whether it is a solid colour she can name, a very specific pattern like dots ro stripes, or a picture of something.  I have so far, a dog, mushrooms, cupcakes, red riding hood, and some other pretty good ones. 

As you can see, I need a LOT more to get anything of a good size.  This may be a very long term project.  
Unless I hit the scrap jackpot!  

Haha.. ha... ha...
Yeah, not likely.


  1. Gorgeous mosaics! I am also in on Mouthy Stitches....can't wait for partner assignments!

  2. Another Mouthy Stitches bod here... Love your mosaics, and your hexies!

  3. How nice to leave a comment on my blog! If you need help with translating dutch words in knippie, let me know! I have most knippie babies, so incan look those up so we can figure it out together! See you again at mouthy stitches! Love the hexies by the way, i've and endless projext going on with scraps ido on the couch in front of the telly fromtime to time. I think it's in my flickr stream. I could contribute some fussy cut scraps, maybe we can swap!

  4. What fun swaps! The hexies are lovely. Warning, they are addictive! :)