Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Hexagonal!

First off, how does a self-healing mat crack?

I mean seriously.  Do your thing mat!  

Not working.
Oh well, I guess I have other space on the mat left.  Do these things have warranty?

I suppose you are getting sick and tired of my talk of hexies hexies hexies.  So I will only regale you one last time with my prized and time consuming hexies.

On Saturday I made hexie 'flowers'.  I wanted to have a solid colour in the centre of every flower so that there is never a solid touching a solid.  

So far, the tip of my middle finger is stabbed and sore and I like what is happening with my hexies.

Here are some of my favourites: 

The fabric from every one of those came from swaps.  Handy!

I am also making some teeny hexies for an upcoming swap.  I don't have all the colours I need yet, but when I do, I will be piecing these little suckers together. 

I am sure it will go quicker than large ones, but a little more fiddly because they are after all rather small.

I should actually be ignoring my hexies and focussing on getting ready for the trade show I am going to this weekend.  I will be at West Edmonton Mall as an exhibitor are the Postpartum Depression Awareness Mommy Event.  
After my market failures, I sure hope this one is a success!  Not only for me, but also for the PPDA.

From the PPDA website:

Postpartum Depression and other postpartum mood disorders affect approximately 15% of Moms within the first year of giving birth. It is believed that this statistic is in fact much higher as so many Moms do not come forward. The majority of these Moms do not get help for a variety of reasons: either they go undiagnosed, are unable to find help or never come forward because of the stigma attached to PPD.
Through Awareness and Information we can change this stigma and make it easier to find help. Canadian Moms are raising our next generation and their mental health is of top priority!

Off to get more ready now!


  1. Wish you success at the trade show.

  2. Ahhhhh! These tiny hexagons are so cool! I love your fussy cutting, too. I just learned how to do English paper piecing thanks to Selfsewn's blog. I can't wait to see your finished project. Thanks for sharing!