Friday, January 6, 2012

First of the Year

I'm a little late... as usual, but 
Happy New Year!

Here's a little of what I've done in 2011.  Just a small smattering of projects - dresses, shirts, pillows, bags, bibs, appliqued onesies - some of the crafty things I managed in the past year.

This year also began with sewing.  This is the first thing I have cut and sewed in 2012.  
(I did finish another project on Monday, but it was cut and started in 2011, so we're not counting 
that one.)

A custom order dress for a little Miss A. 

Fabric looks familiar you say?
Why yes, it is the leftover fabric from the diaper bag I made for my sister.  

Being home decor weight, I wasn't sure about making a dress from it, but since it is such soft fabric and not at all stiff, I thought it would just work like corduroy or twill.  
Sure enough, it worked perfectly!  I did minimize some bulk by making the facing out of very thin fabric, otherwise I was a little scared some seams would get too thick, especially for turning.

I think buttons finish off the dress and give it a certain attitude.  In this case, I could have gone with something white or wooden to keep it casual and countryish.  
Yes, that's a word.

But I decided to go with vintage.  Little vintage pearl buttons.  I love it!

A perfect finish.
And a perfect beginning to the new year, the year of our Lord, 2012.


  1. What a sweet little dress!!! You have achieved a lot in 2011. Have you written posts about the bags in the mosaic? I'd love for you to share those bags (and any others) at my linky that's exclusively for bags and totes...
    Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2012...