Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something New

I tried something new today.  Well, I started last night, but the big deal part of it was today.  The sewing part.

I have seen the cathedral windows technique all over Flickr and blog lands and just loved how it looked.  It's almost like cheater quilting in my mind because you get something so ornate looking mostly by using your iron.  I spent more time at the iron than at my sewing machine.

I don't like my iron.  It burns me with steam.

But I do like how this turned out!

On the ironing board.
On the cutting mat for a trim.

I used a nameless gray material and and Alexander Henry print.  I also relied most on the tutorial found on the blog alamode.  Love how her pillow turned out.

The finished item is unavailable for a photo yet, but I promise one tomorrow.

Does it at least look promising?


  1. That looks sooooooooo cooool!!!!!

  2. It looks awesome! The fabrics are a perfect match - really a good choice! :)