Monday, November 28, 2011

Mail Day

From a previous post, you know that I participated in the Goodie Bag Swap on Flickr. I sent my partner's bag off last week and now this week I have received my own!

The postman brought it right to my door.  That never happens!  I usually have to go to the post office at the drug store to pick up parcels.  When I opened my door and saw that he had a box for me, I had to put effort in not to get too excited in front of him.

I did.  I kept my cool

It only lasted until I closed the door and ran to the kitchen for the scissors to open the box!

When I did open the box, this is what I saw.  -Can you believe I remembered to take a picture?-

My swap partner, Sew.whitney, made me a wonderful gray and yellow bag and packed along some pretty strip scraps and even a yard of Moda fabric!

What a great swap partner to stalk my photostream and see that I usually make clothes so yardage would be appreciated.  I love when partners take the time to have a look and see what I like and then add the personal touch by sending something specific to me.  Love it.

Since only my 19month old is home in the day, I could not model the bag.  I had to hang it on a chair, but you get the idea.  Good strap length.  Sturdy bag.  Love the colours.

Thanks Whitney.

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