Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Update

Remember the post about the birthday project and the un-birthday present?  Well they finally both made it to their intended recipients.  So that means I can post pictures!  With models who cooperate!  Yes, that was an exciting moment for me.
T turned 6 last week, so this was her present from me.  Though when we went on Sunday to celebrate her birthday, she asked me if I had brought a present for her.
It fits a little big now, but better big than small.
Love the ruffle strip on the bottom.  I though two pockets would be overkill, I only put one one.

Straight ruffle in the back instead of curvy... I like it better that way.
J didn't have a birthday, but because these two girls do almost everything together, I made her a new top as well.  Fits perfect!
Love the ruffles on the front.

I had to leave the smile in.  Just so cute.
And there you have it.  The tale of two shirts.

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