Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newish Pants

I went shopping with two of my sisters the other day and we went to Children's Place.  I found these cute fleece pants there and thought they would be perfect for D since the weather is getting colder.
But it was not to be since I thought they cost just a little too much for simple fleece pants.  
Instead I made a pair.  Granted, they are not pink and they don't have the embroidery on them, and they don't have elastic at the ankles (though that could change...), but they were waaaaaay cheaper. 

    I had bought a pair of almost new sweatpants at a thrift store a while ago and I was going through my "clothes to repurpose" bin and found them back.  
    First I cut the top off to make shorts for my hubby.  Don't worry, they come just past the knee and don't look at all like creepy sweat pants shorts.  
    I had just enough length left to make a pair of pants for D.  There is no waistband as I simply sewed on wide elastic.  This kept the bulk down and allowed me to keep the length. 

On backwards, but who cares.
She loves them.

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