Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A special little girl is having a birthday in September.  She is special because she is my niece and she is turning 6!  She is a fiercely protective little girl who loves most everyone and takes her job as the 'big stister' very seriously.  She starts grade 1 today, and in my opinion, is growing up and growing smart too quickly.  I wish she would just stay a little 5 year old for a bit longer.

She would argue that point though.

For her birthday, I thought I would make a little something for her to wear back to school.  Specially for her.
I had a few patterns bookmarked in some Ottobre magazines, so I thought I would try one of them.  It is the first time I have made an Ottobre pattern, and so far so easy.  I used pattern 23 from the Spring 2011 magazine, a pinafore tunic.
I also found some cute fabric at a garage sale to use for the tunic.  I am usually not keen on green, but this print is kinda growing on me.  In fact, I have decided I love it.
I did change a few things in the pattern, not because things weren't working, but because that's just how I always seem to do things.
-I added piping to the yoke pieces.  Because I added piping, I was unable to tuck the panels into the yoke pieces. 
-So far I have left off the pockets and frill.  I may add one or the other, just to add interest.

The reveal will have to wait until I have it finished.  I would also like to have a picture of her wearing it.  I am curious about the fit.  I have heard from other reviews of Ottobre patterns that the fit is really good.  I sure hope so.

In other projects around the house, we are putting up a fence!
I cannot wait until it is finished and I can let little D run around in the yard without having to worry about her running on the road.  D loves it outside so this is a great investment.

And behind the scenes, D and I have been battling some pretty bad colds over here.  Our best friend these days is our box(es) of Kleenex.
Sure hope this passes over soon.  Bah.

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