Sunday, August 21, 2011

Um, How Does One Start This?

Okay. I have taken 'the plunge' and started a blog for my sewing and other ravings.  The first post always seems to be a bit awkward.

Why?  It's not like you can see me thinking about what to say as I nervously dart my eyes around looking for something interesting to tell.

I guess I will tell first a little about myself.
I am Deanna, a child of God.

I am married.  We have one daughter... for now.
I took a basic sewing course in high school and then never touched sewing again until just before my daughter was born.  We had bought a house and needed curtains, so that became my first real sewing project.  I made some simple curtains and then some roman blinds.
Not bad.  They're still hanging two years later.
Now though, I sew for my little girlie.  I make clothes and have dabbled in other things... toys, shoes, bags...  I quite like sewing.  Actually, maybe I like the fabric most of all.  Then the sewing.  But you can't have one without the other, lucky for me.
I do not quilt.  Not that I can't, I just don't need to.  I've done some simple quilting, aka joining squares for form a whole, but not anything super difficult.  I think if I had to, I would love the challenge.  The most quilting I've done was spent making this:
This is also the most time I spent on any one thing - 3 months of off and on sewing and seam ripping.
Not my cup of tea.  I guess maybe I am a more instant gratification type of sewer.  I would rather be done a project in a day or two.  

There.  That's my intro.  
Let's hope it gets better from here!

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