Wednesday, April 10, 2013

finishes and a wip

I'm busy sewing this and that, but I really haven't finished much so far. Ack! 

I've mostly been sewing up dresses for my upcoming Spring Market, and trying to stay on top of other commitments. The last bee block I showed should have been mailed, but it's still sitting on my ironing board. It's and April block though, so I do have some time yet, but I like to get those things finished! 

 I've also been catching up (is it really catching up if you're not behind) on the Skill Builder blocks.

There is a 'glaring' mistake in my Woven Chevron block and I didn't notice it until the next mornign when I hung it up to take a photo of it.  Needless to say, I ripped it apart and fixed it.  I just couldn't leave it!

I'm so proud of my matching points in this block.  

Talking about matching points, I took on another project with points.  This project will be a pillow cover

This project will be a pillow cover for my Sew Sew Modern partner.  I took a black and white photo because my partner was pretty colour specific.  All that piecing though!  I've used Rachel's idea, and instead of hand piecing these, I've been machine piecing them.  Still a lot of work though - and now on her blog she has posted her finished quilt!  That's a lot of piecing.  Not sure I'd ever take that on.


  1. Your skillbuilder blocks look great! I actually kinda like the "mistake"… But I understand the need to fix it, too. :-)