Saturday, March 2, 2013

a slow week

I didn't do too much on the sewing side this week. 
We had beautiful weather and spent one morning outside.  We spent one day shopping.  One day busy in the house... And before you know it the week is over!  

I finished off my Solids bee block.

And while I was busy with that, I thought my toddler was being a 'good' busy.  But she wasn't.  She was busy tracing her hand on the pages of a library book. 

I haven't even read it yet!  It better be a good book now because I now own it.

I even decided to sort my scraps this week as I had to pull scraps for the Scrappy Swap.

I seem to be fairly lacking in the orange, yellow, and purple departments.  
I went looking for purple fabric and I decided that there is a huge gap in the fabric world.  There are not that many great darker purples!  That's a little sad.


  1. Your bee block looks great - I saw the inspiration fabric she based her colours on last weekend.. I think it'll be gorgeous when it's done… Sorry to hear about the library book!

  2. Ah yes a "good busy" I always know that when my kids are quite they are up to something naughty. one time I thought they were letting me sleep in, to come and find out they had taken the powdered chocolate and were spreading it around the couch and carpet, I caught them just before they were about to pour milk on it, they told me they were making "chocolate milk", lol.