Monday, March 11, 2013

a few finishes

Oi, I've had a bad digital week. First my email was hacked. Then the computer had a bad case of malware, so it was sent off to get repaired. Then I found out my credit card was hijacked! 

You know, I've been using computers for email and payments and such for over 10 years without a problem and then all in one week everything happens.  
Hopefully that's it for the next 10 years.

Here's some things I got finished over the last bit.

My Modern Scrappy Bits Swap item was sent out a couple weeks ago and since my partner has since received and posted about what I sent her, so will I.
My partner was Kristel over at Work-in-Progress Girl.  What a great partner!  She was not at all fussy about what she wanted and then even made a blog post to her anonymous partner about things she loved!  That's where I got the Dr. Who information from.  I know nothing of Dr. Who so I had to do some internet searching and I found that he time travels in a TARDIS and he likes when people say that it's "bigger on the inside."  I thought that saying would be perfect for a fabric basket.

Then I stuffed the basket with scraps.  After this photo, I added more... it couldn't be helped.

I also finished the March Skillbuilder BOM. Here's all four so far.

And I finished a bee block for Get Your Hex On.  Mara sent these fabrics and let us make what we wanted, so long as we used the scooter in a corner.

I've also been busy sewing up some skirts and dresses for an upcoming market.  These are so cute!

I got a phone call today that the two quilts I brought in to be quilted are ready to be picked up.  And then to bind them and show them off!  Can't wait as they will be my first real quilts!


  1. What a lovely lot of work! I am sorry about your computer issues!!!!!

  2. I love that basket, it's brilliant :D (I'm just going to keep saying that.) I have a smallish collection of hand-made DW stuff, and it fits right in/

    I really like those skill builder blocks - I sort of wanted to do that one, but I have so much in progress, I didn't want to add anything else. I love the fabrics you're using, though. Really nice combination of colours.