Thursday, January 24, 2013


Baby K is amazingly good to me, but she is also very distracting.  She loves to snuggle and sleep against my shoulder, and I love to indulge her.  She's only a baby for so long after all.

I did pull myself away from my girlies for a couple hours and get some blocks done.  

This block is for the Simply Solids bee - it's off in the mail already.

These next two are part of the Skill Builder BOM.  They were both fairly simple to construct but they are striking all the same.

One thing I learned - starch is my friend.  
I never ever used starch before when sewing, only once for ironing and then I didn't like it.  But what a difference it makes!  The fabric is crisp and cuts so much more nicely.  
Seriously, if you haven't tried starch, try it.


  1. I am doing the UK version of the Simply Solids, it's lots of fun already, like your blocks. I am also signed up for Skill Builder, it looks fabulous, I just need to get some blocks done next week, and I agree on the starch front, I "discovered" it last year, and it is genius, really helps. : )

  2. What a sweetie! They grow up so fast we have to soak up the newborness! :)
    I haven't tried starch ever - sounds like I should.
    Did you get your invite in the mail?

  3. Pretty baby! Love your blocks!

  4. Beautiful baby and blocks! Told you starch is the bomb haha

  5. Oh, that baby!! Swoon!

    Your blocks look great, Deanna - I might have to try that Skill Builder thing but it seems like I'm running out of sewing time already...

  6. What sort of starch do you use? I've never known what product people are using.. is it the same stuff you buy in the laundry aisle at the grocery store or something else entirely?

    I recently started using Best Press, which I really like. Maks everything so much neater and crisper to sew. And it doesn't smell, which makes me happy.