Saturday, December 15, 2012

pictures and words

A mini quilt gift - for a book and a quilt lover.

 I started this project in January, and it's kind of fitting that I finish it in December.  

 Most of the little bits were gotten in scrap swaps and other random swaps.

Thanks to all of you who helped me with getting all different bits for this!

 More fabulous mail!  Another scrap + small handmade item swap.  My partner spoiled me and gave me a gorgeous pillow cover and well over a FQ worth of scraps!

My husband is having knee surgery in January to repair a torn ACL, and because he doesn't want to be bored and alone in the living room, we are moving the house around!  I was not excited at first, but then he talked about a real sewing corner for me and a new desk with shelves... then I got into it.  He's also building a new computer desk and two side tables.  

While he will be busy building, I will be busy hand sewing.  Putting the finishing touches on my Hexy MF top.  Still wobbling over the quilting part.  Katy's original quilt has all the flowers quilted individually with a different design... I'm not sure if the local quilter here can do that.  I looked up a few other hexagon quilts and thought that maybe, just maybe I can hand quilt it.  

Any tips for hand quilting before I get bogged down and never finish?


  1. Busy,busy! Love the little hexy project. You sure do get a lot of hand work done. Not so much for me. :-) I have not tips for hand quilting except to make sure you have good posture. My s-i-l hurt her shoulder hand quilting a queen sized quilt.

    When is your baby due? Hope all is well with you.

  2. And a baby almost ready too! I like the idea of hand quilting your hexy and I think it is doable. It may be something you work away at for a long time. And that is okay! Lovely scraps by the way!

  3. Wow looks like you have been busy!! Love the mini book quilt as well as the amazing little quilt, what is it hexi quilt? Pretty neat. And the old man getting a few projects done as well, should be a busy Jan with the little bubs almost coming!! All these exciting things. Hope and pray all goes well for you and the hubby:-) Might have to make a visit finally!!!

  4. Absolutely love the hexie playmat!!