Wednesday, November 28, 2012

pillows, a skirt, and a list

Is it really Wednesday today? I thought for some reason that it was Tuesday.  But Wednesday is a good day.  

My mom is moving into her new house next month and we're all excited for her.  She's been living in an old drafty house for the last bunch of years so this is a big step up for her. She's been busy choosing paint, light fixtures, flooring, curtains - all the fun stuff that comes with a new house.  
I thought her living room pillows needed an update as well, cuz, you know, they just won't match the 'new' anymore.  
So she and I went out to Fabricland last week and she picked out some fabrics for me to play with.  Her living room area is a cream colour with a rusty red/orange accent wall, so these fabrics fit perfectly.  She also didn't want complicated piecing or quilting on the covers, just simple stripes.  

First I did simple vertical stripes. 

Then I tried some angled stripes, but I think I like the vertical better.  I have three more covers to make and about three weeks left to do them in.  
I'll make it.  They'll get done since they're pretty simple and I can finish one up in an evening.
They will all have a hidden zipper closure on the back.  They are so easy to do I wish I had discovered earlier how to do the zipper thing for pillows.  It turns out way nicer than envelope style I think because with envelope style, sometimes the opening can gape just a little and it doesn't look as neat.  I followed this tutorial at Sew Mama Sew.

In the clothing department, I had an order for a skirt to finish up.  Just got it done this morning and I love how it turned out! 

It's the first time I made this pattern and I love it.  I might have to make it a regular in my shop, if there's enough interest.  
The pattern is the Aubrey Skirt from Sadie James Patterns on Etsy.  The only change I made was to the waistband.  Instead of measuring the waist and cutting the elastic for a personalized fit, I made it fully adjustable with buttonhole elastic.  For the rest, the pattern was super easy to follow and it only took me an evening and a morning to make.
For the next skirt though, I might use less than 40" widths worth of fabric as that makes it almost a little too full. 

I was also thinking the other night about what I all want to have finished before this baby comes.  
Ummm, my list is a little bigger than I thought!  Not bigger with stuff, just the stuff on it is big.

Just in case this one is a boy, I wanted to have a boy quilt done.  All I have right now is the fabric on a stack.  
I wanted to have the hexie playmat done, but it is being woefully ignored, for the past few months in fact.  I have a few hexies yet to piece on to the top and then I have to make a little 'quilt' out of it.
I want to have the Hexy MF top all pieced together.  I am almost done that, just have to put two more rows together and the hexy part is done.
And lastly, I wanted to have a toddler sized quilt for D finished so that her 'big' bed might be a little more attractive.  

At the rate I'm going, only the Hexy MF top will get done.  
No matter, I would rather the baby come a little sooner than get done all the things on my list.


  1. I love the wee skirt!!! Good luck with your list!

  2. Deanna.......LOVE the little skirt.Also the pillows for your mom.They will look really nice on her couch too.Concerning the thing at a time.LOL

  3. How fun for your mom to have a new home!! And thank you for the zipper link, I have some pillow covers to finish and might give this a try with some of them.

    The list sounds like fun but those are big projects! How much longer do you have left? I can't seem to remember...You make such lovely things I'm such everything you get done will look wonderful! And you're extremely productive too so I bet you'll get more done than you think ; ) When I was pregnant I was lucky to get dressed I was so lazy, haha!