Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Canadian Blogathon!


 Hello to all who are here via Blogathon Canada hosted by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop

I'm Deanna and I really still don't consider myself a quilter as I haven't finished one big quilt yet.  Almost, but not quite.
I don't know what to call myself then as I do play around with quilting and paper piecing and all that other quilty stuff.  I started with sewing clothes for my little girl and from there I discovered Flickr and well, that was the end of my 'lone' sewing!  I found so many inspiring quilters and soon became a blog follower and then a blogger.

So welcome to my little space.

It also happens to be Wednesday... but I have no new WIP's, only one big continuing one.
Hexy MF.

My carpet is not kid proof and little D got hold of chalk paint one day... hence the black smudge.

The bigger this top gets, the harder it gets to piece!  It takes up my whole lap and it a little difficult to manage when I have to match up sides without having them pull away.

And I know I said no more swaps until after the baby, but really, I can't not sew something!  And swaps are the perfect opportunity for me to make something I wouldn't normally make, like a mug rug.

This is for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap - we have to swap a FQ's worth of modern scraps and a handmade item.
I stalked my partner and she had a bunch of mosaics made for other swaps so I think I figured out pretty good what to make for her.  

Now I have been a bit of a negligent blogger lately due to lack of activity and motivation, and that got me thinking about why I blog.  

If you are a blogger, why do you blog?  
I came to the conclusion that I do it for selfish reasons.  I want to have a place where I can occasionally get some feedback about the things I make.

If you are a blog follower, why?  
I follow blogs because I love to see what other people are up to and get new ideas and see styles that are similar but different from my own. 

So, I'm curious, what are your reasons for blogging or following?


  1. I blog to keep track of me and I follow to keep inspired. Your hexies are amazing. Love them!

  2. Relatively new to the blog world...I started blogging to get some feedback, to keep me on track and to find other quilters/spinners while I took a long hiatus from guilds. I follow for inspiration and to see what is happening in the modern quilt world (and to try to figure out how to link up to a QAL or swap)

  3. Love your little mug rug! I started to blogging to have some feedback (no crafty friends or family around), and I also find that it motivates me do more, so that I have more to show on my blog, totally selfish reasons. But I also get so much inspiration, and a sense of connection with people from reading their blogs that I also wanted to give some of that back.

  4. Mmm nice swap stuff! I blog because i just have a need to share. I also really like the community of quilters that is created by blogging. Folllowing is part of it.

  5. I'm visiting from the Canadian blogathon. Love some of your work - the beautiful shirt for your daughter, your hexies and your pillow for the swap. I participate in lots of swaps to and almost always get silent partners. Makes it difficult when you don't know if they really liked what you sent. oh well. I blog because I like connecting with others, showing off my work and to keep a record for myself.

  6. Wow, that's an impressive start on your hexagon quilt! I basted a couple dozen hexies two years ago, but haven't stitched them together yet. I blog as a journal and to share my work with friends new and old. I follow blogs to get inspired and connect with others.

  7. Sou total viciada em hexágonos e tudo que é papel,lindos os seus.Não blog mas gosto de seguir e ver peças diferentes,recebo muitos Email,dizendo para abrir blog,mas por enquanto não.
    Talvêz 2013..???beijos do Brasil

  8. well for a new quilter....your work is wonderful....keep it up!

  9. I did not realize you had a blog, or I would have followed you sooner. Lovely mug rug and scraps as are your hexies.

  10. HI Deanna,
    I started blogging a few years ago because I would leave comments on blogs and kept being asked why I didn't have a blog of my own. Then my husband took up blogging- he writes a hockey blog for the Edmonton Journal called The Cult of Hockey. He encouraged me and before I knew I a few years had passed and I am now at 150 posts. I am not a prolific writer of posts - sometimes I manage to post once a week but more often it is every couple of weeks. Life and work get in the way of it. I enjoy the conversations I have with my blog friends and like to share my work. It is a journal of my quilt work as well. I like to read what others are doing and see what others are interested in.
    You are a lovely quilter- a hexagon quilt is big project and you are doing a fabulous job. I love the fun fabrics you have chosen for your hexies. I am not a hand quilter but admire those who take on such lovely work.
    Enjoy the blog hop and I hope you meet lots of new quilty friends that keep you blogging too.
    Regards from Edmonton,