Wednesday, October 3, 2012

in progress

The weather is a little gloomy here right now. We're heading into winter and the temps are dropping.  We've also had rain here the last few days, so all I feel like doing is lounging around in my pajamas and hand sewing hexies together.
And I have been doing a bit of that among other things, just not enough of it in my opinion.

I am busy in two swaps that come up the end of October and middle of November, so I do have things to make, just not much motivation yet.  It'll come, right?

This is what I'm putting together for the Pillow Talk {Swap}.  My partner is pretty silent, and her wish list was not very specific, so I'm mostly working off her mosaic and the comments of others.

That one hexy is 6" high and there will be another above and below it.  Just deciding now whether to go with the aqua dots, the yellow dots, or one of each.  So far the Flickr consensus is the aqua dots.  I may be leaning in that direction now too.

The second swap is Modernista Homemade.  My partner here was pretty specific and is not super silent.  This is both good and bad though because now I don't dare to post any sneak peeks!

This is what I will be working with for her though.  Don't tell, kay?
I only have the prints cut up, and have yet to tackle the linen.  

A question for you.  
Do you prewash your fabrics?  
I prewash if I plan to make clothes from the fabric, but not if I am going to be making a quilt or a mini or so.  Should I be prewashing everything?

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