Monday, September 24, 2012

a colourful post

Okay, so here I am... on Wordpress... so please excuse if things don't look quite right.

I've been busy busy busy sewing dresses and tunics for my upcoming tradeshow in October and then I decided I needed a break from them.  So I got to work on a swap item!

I joined the Modernista Homemade swap this time around.  We have to make something for the kitchen and my partner asked for something pretty specific, so I won't share that part yet.  I have to wait for fabrics anyway before I can even post any progress or sneak peeks.  For the small item, I chose to make a bunting as that was also something she hinted at being able to find a place for.

Because the large item will be all prints with a neutral background, I thought to make the small item from all solids.  I really like this bunting and I think it looks pretty good on my own wall... Might have to make another!

I've also been plugging away at my Hexy MF project.  The last few nights I've pulled out my hexies and made at least one flower an evening.

Then yesterday I wasn't feeling very well, so I parked myself in my rocking chair and made a bunch more.

Now if only I could find the other finished flowers I made!  I put them away somewhere 'safe' but I can't for the life of me remember where that 'safe' place is!  I seem to have that problem more often lately.

That's why I try not to clean up my sewing space too too often.  I only end up losing stuff.

Today I also received some happy mail!

My pouch from my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap partner arrived!  Alisa from Making More With Less send me this beautiful gray, orange, and aqua pouch.  Big enough to hold my hand sewing and pretty enough to leave sitting around - I mean look at the bikes and the row of fancy stitching!

I was quite surprised to find out that my partner was the same person I sent to!  That's the second time that has happened to me - and both times have been super swaps.


  1. Hi Deanna! I just found your blog through Alisa's post about the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. I love your colourful sewing projects! This curved bunting looks fun! Nice to discover another Canadian quilter!

  2. I love Wordpress, though it can take a little getting used to! Hope you like it over here!