Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sewing skirts

Still busy getting ready for two markets this weekend. 
The first one is on Friday in Neerlandia from 5-9pm, and the second is Weestock in Edmonton from 10-4.

I have dresses and button up shirts, and I thought I would add some little skirts to the loot.  I have skirts in sizes 2-4 already, but none in tiny sizes. 

Lucky for me, I have a little girl and so I can easily size the waistband on these by laying them over a onesie. 

I made some pleated denim skirts with a stretchy knit waistband.

Then I tried the same method but with a knit bottom as well.

Here it is with a 0-3m onesie snugly inside. 

Such a small skirt has no choice but to be cute!

The printed knit is a recycled tee shirt.  Printed knits are hard to find around here and I can order them online, but then shipping ridiculously high because of the weight.

We're also bringing the mini back! 

I made this little skirt without any sort of pattern.  All I knew was that I wanted a little denim mini for D and it had to have a flat front and elastic in the back.  She still has a diaper butt, so the back goes flat-ish when she is wearing it.

She wore it all morning over her pants, so it is a little wrinkled.  
But who cares!  She loves it!

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