Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm a Swap Sucker

I've joined yet another swap.

the covert robin button

They are just way too fun and a little addicting when they go good.

This one is a secret swap and it is pretty open as to what you can make for your partner, so long as it is has an approximate retail value between $20 and $30.

There are only three simple rules:
1. make something handmade and lovely
2. send your gift (and guest blog post) according to the above time frames
3. have fun :)

I figured I could do that.  
But I am stumped.  
I have no idea what to make my partner!  
I pretty much have to come up with an idea based on her blog.  I can get an idea of colours and styles from her blog, but not of what to make - what she would like to receive.
So because I am stumped, it may be that my partner is stumped too.  
Let me help you out.
Here are three things I would love to get and could find use for (in no particular order):
  1. A pillow cover for a 17.5"x12" pillow.
  2. A fabric basket thread catcher thingy - not one that hangs off the table, that would be a disaster with my almost 2yo.
  3. A small mini quilt for my wall. 
For colour and style inspiration find check my pictures on Flickr.
I hope I have helped you out in some way partner.  And if you are so inclined, scraps for my ongoing hexie project are always appreciated :)

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