Wednesday, April 16, 2014

mmmmm, fabric

Mad About Patchwork recently celebrated their 6 year birthday and had a sale to go along with it.  Well.  It's a Canadian shop with very decent shipping costs and they were having a sale.  No fabric diets over here.
Pam also recently put together these wonderful stash bundles just in time for the sale.  So handy when shop owners group colours together for me.  I picked apart some of the bundles and ordered fat quarters from some of the blue, pink, and red groupings.  But this bundle needed to be bought in it's full glory.

May I present the Pink-Orange bundle courtesy of Mad About Patchwork.

I'd almost call these colours coral and I love them!

I almost wanted to buy a few more of her stash bundles, but I resisted.  I should really use some stash first.  

I am curating a bundle for a Modern Maples quilt to make for myself.  I'd love to have this quilt done for the fall.  It would add much needed colour to my living room and add a cozy feeling with such warm colours.  I'm slowly adding to this grouping. 

I've got some reds, teals, purples, oranges and browns.  I'm not sure how the teal fits in so great, but I can always switch it out later.

I've joined another round of the 4x5 Bee.  I really find this bee a little hit and miss.  I've done two rounds now and each time I get a little more specific based on what was sent to me the last round.  These are the blocks I plan to use.  

There are 7 here, two of which I made, meaning there are 5 that don't fit in very well.  What do you do with them?  I'm not sure.  They may become cushions over time for gifts or tote bag panels. 

For this round I am making this block.  I found this block on Flickr and loved it, so easy choice this time around.

It's actually a super easy block made by sewing strips together and layering and cutting and sewing back together.  The tutorial is here on Melissa's blog.  The only thing I changed was I took off the small outside navy corners and swapped them for yellow corners in keeping with my colour scheme of navy/magenta/splash of yellow.

And I'm finally making good progress on my Modern She Made swap item.  I decided to do a set of 4 placemats.  They are pretty simple in design, but I'm hoping they will get lots of use.

But before I continue on with these, I have to make two birthday gifts, one for my niece who is turning 7 and would like a purse and one for my daughter who will be 4 (!) next week.  I am hoping to finish up a backpack for her. And when did she grow up to be 4!!!


  1. lovely new fabric additions, and those placemats are stunning :-)

  2. Love Mad About Patchwork too. The fabric gets to my home so fast, I almost can't believe it!

    Also, I think the teals look really nice in your bundle. It adds a nice pop of color !!