Friday, February 7, 2014

blocks blocks and blocks

I've joined the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee for another round this winter. I find bees like this to be a little hit and miss as you don't know if the blocks you'll be getting back are going to fit in with your idea, if the colours will work.... And you never know if you're going to have the fabric needed to make blocks for your hive mates.  For example this round, one hive mate wanted orange in her block and another wanted cream.  I have almost no orange except in scraps and pretty much no cream, so I really had to dig.  My first attempt at cream was a fail - I posted a picture and she wanted something lighter.  Anyway, I did get them done, and I hope they'll work for my hive mates.

These are the blocks I received last round and one more I made.  I was going for magenta/plum with navy and a touch of yellow with a low volume (no taupes or creams) background.  The top two blocks don't really fit in with my idea, but they might get use elsewhere.

These are the blocks I made for this round.  I decided to make something other than a star and then found a photo on Flickr of a jumbo economy block.  Decision made.

I don't think I showed this here yet, but I received this mini in the Doll Quilt Swap.  

I am completely in love with the colours and the design.  It's already hanging with my other minis and my quilt wall is growing.

On the side, and very sporadically, I'm still sewing outfits on comission.  This outfit is, obviously, for a little girls who's turning 2.  Her mom wanted a rainbow outfit and an appliqued shirt with a cupcake and the number 2.  

As always, I hope I get to see a photo of the birthday girl wearing her outfit.

I'm still plugging away at my Feather blocks too.  These particular blocks almost had me beat, but in the end I'm winning.  I think I only have 5 or so more to do like this and then it's on to some easier ones. 

I'm kind of excited to see these all together.


  1. your feather blocks are looking gorgeous - you'll get there! And the doll mini quilt is beautiful. Its nice to receive beautiful swaps :-)

  2. Your feather quilt is going to be amazing - LOVE seeing the pictures of it. I really like that background grey you're using.