Wednesday, July 3, 2013

midsummer post

It's been hot here.
I could handle the heat a lot better before I had kids.  Now I seem to overheat a lot faster.  Maybe that's because I'm sensitive to how my kids handle the heat.  D seems to take it in stride, and K gets cranky, though she still sleeps like a champ.
The other day I plunked the excersaucer in the pool along with D so K could get some cool feet.  She was happy for a good 20 minutes, and then she'd had enough of D's sporadic splashing.

Yesterday we hit 28°C, but with the humidity it felt more like 43°C.  It was an absolute wall of heat when you walked out of an air conditioned building.  Then that night, we had a flash storm - thunder, lightning, some hail, and it poured. 

Not so bad as to the south of us though.  Edmonton/St. Albert got large hail.  

And even further south, Calgary and High River have had severe flooding in the last month.  The water has gone down now, but many people have lost their homes and business, even jobs because of the floods. 

Cheryl from Dining Room Empire has put out a call to her quilty friends to make and send her slab quilt blocks so she can make quilts for those affected by the flooding.
She writes:

Just a slab. One slab. Grab some scraps of fabric and sew them together.
Maybe you can't spare the fabric or time or postage to send a whole quilt as we try to recover in Calgary and Southern Alberta. That's okay. But I bet you can make just one block. And the more of you that can make and send just one block, the more quilts we'll be able to donate. I will put all the blocks I get together into quilts. With an army of local long armers lined up to donate their time we will get some beds and hearts covered in no time

Can you make a block?
 I hope to make some in the next couple days.  I have the scraps for it, so why not.

I finally received my PTS10 package yesterday.  Turns out I needed an angel, and what a wonderful angel I was given!  Kristine made me this gorgeous pillow in some of my favourite colours.  She also sent me some scraps and my first ever roll of washi tape. 

And now that the heat wave has subsided, I've gone and sewed something!
This little beauty is my first ever attempt at QAYG, and it's not bad.  Not as 'focused' as I had hoped, and in some spots I actually covered an entire piece of fabric... oops.  But I love the colours.

This will become a mug rug for my Modern Scrappy Bits partner.  Not sure how to finish the back yet as the front is already quilted.  Maybe I'll have to quilt another piece and bind them together.


  1. You could do a pillowcase binding on the mug rug - just run a top stitch around the edges and it'll hold it together just fine.

    I like the colours you used - very pretty!

  2. Your pillow and mug rug are lovely, and it sounds like you are finding ways to beat the heat. I am making my slabs this weekend.