Monday, August 27, 2012

two finishes!

So my 'fail' from last time got some pretty good reviews on in the Flickr group.  I did not expect that at all!  Thanks everyone!
Because of that, I decided to try again.  This time, I knew the star had to be smaller, so I got rid of one row.  Then I fixed my angles and BAM!  It worked!

My partner said she liked calming colours paired with bold, so I used a neutral text fabric for the border.

For some people this may not be advanced piecing, but for me, this was really a challenge.  I really like how this turned out and I already have a plan for the back side of the pouch.  Can't wait to finish it and show it off!
One question, should I add some hand stitching?  Not sure if that would ruin it or make it just that little bit more special.

I also finally finished the dress I started, oh, about a month back...
My poor little niece was waiting and waiting patiently for her dress while her older sister enjoyed her pink version.  Well, here it is, the second Amanda's Dress from Lily Bird Studio!

The orange version with white piping.

I used store bought piping for this dress, but I think if I use piping again, I will make my own and make it just a bit thicker.

What little girl doesn't love a puffed sleeve?

Definitely a good finish.  
The real test comes this aft when my niece is here to try it on.


  1. Loving the paper pieced block! I think some hand stitching would look great on it.
    The dress is too cute! =D

  2. Oh goodness you're talented. That dress is amazing!

    The star is really great, love the text print for the background!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful dress! Your niece is very lucky to have you as an aunt :) Awesome work! :)